food ethos

Fresh Kitchen was created with a big idea - Every ingredient will be made FRESH in our KITCHEN. But that was too many words for a sign, so “Fresh Kitchen” was born. We believe that high-quality, healthy food can be fast, fresh, and FUN. Whether you’re vegan, keto-friendly, or full-on carnivore, you just point and we’ll build a bowl that’s perfect for you!

  • 100% gluten-free

  • no processed sugars (unless indicated)

  • Antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats

  • homemade sauces

  • cooked with 100% olive oil

  • hand cut veggies

our menu
Delicious looking bowl
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Fresh Kitchen owner holding heart sign

Our Impact

We want to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. And for us, it’s not just caring about the food we make for our guests and the opportunities that we create for our teams…it’s also about caring for our communities and the planet. We support locally through givebacks, food donations, composting, and getting engaged in causes that align with our values and help others.

Fresh > Frozen
Fresh > Frozen
Quality > Quantity
People > Profits
Fresh > Frozen
Quality > Quantity
People > Profits
Fresh > Frozen
Quality > Quantity
People > Profits

being better

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement:

We’re teaching our teams about composting and bringing it to every FK location.
We're intentional about our footprint
We use the B-Impact assessment and our ESG software as a lens to measure and be intentional of our footprint.
Reusable bowls and cups
We’re working with our teams to reduce our internal waste with reusable bowls and cups.
Sustainable building materials
We analyze our building designs and materials to improve their sustainability and health.
conscious purchasing
We strive to be more mindful of who and what we support through conscious purchasing.
Giving percentage of profits
Each year, we give back a percentage of our profits to our BOH and Shift Leader Hourly Teams.